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The four videos of the playlist Gambling Addiction: Female Family Members in Focus are aimed at relatives of individuals with problematic gambling behavior. What is their situation like? What can family members do? What counseling and support services are available?

Automated subtitles are available in the following languages: German, English, Portuguese, Turkish, Bosnian/Serbian/Croatian, Thai.

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Affected individuals share their experiences

Together with Diaspora TV, SOS Gambling Addiction has developed two videos that shed light on the perspective of family members and thus contribute to breaking the taboo.

How do family members experience gambling addiction? How has it affected them and what have they done?

Amira and Maria share their stories in the playlist gambling.affects.relationships.

Affected people share their story

Most Gamblers feel a relief, when they break the silence and talk to a person of trust. The burden of secrecy and lies breaks down and allows perspectives on solutions. Being scared of the reaction of their loved ones and feeling ashamed, often people don't dare sharing. In reality in most of the cases relatives and loved ones react in a positive way when asked for help.

How do affected people experience their Gambling Addiction?
How did they find a way out of the Addiction?
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