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Is my gambling behaviour still ok?

Of course it is. I just play every now and ...

  • You should still have a plan: decide in advance how much time and money you want to invest in gambling. What will you do with the winnings? Will you continue gambling with them or stop playing?
  • Know the game: find out about the chances of winning and the mechanisms of the game in advance. You can set personal time and spending limits in the player protection area of all Swiss online casinos.
  • Take a break now and again: put your phone down, leave your computer and do something different. Taking a break helps you to clear your mind and avoid getting stuck in the game.

Well, I do play quite a lot

  • Don’t play unless you feel okay. Do you feel well? Or are you feeling lonely, anxious or stressed? Watch out: if you don't feel; good, you often make bad decisions when you play. And if you play because you feel bad, you need to be aware that playing will not solve any of your problems.
  • Set limits: decide in advance how much time and money you want to invest in gambling. How do you feel when you lose? Do you try to win back your losses? Don’t play with money that you need for daily life, like food etc.
  • Time out: online games present new risks. Gambling is always available on your phone and your computer. Take breaks and put your device away. The numbers are real money: when you play on your mobile phone or computer, it can be difficult to realise sometimes that you are playing with real money.

I don't know, I haven’t found it fun for a ...

  • The cost of gambling: are you chasing the big win and losing more and more? If it's no longer fun to play, it's a sign that you have lost control. Gambling has become a compulsion for you and you are likely to neglect your work, family and friends.
  • Block yourself: if it is becoming too much for you and gambling is a burden, you can block yourself. You can decide how long you want to block yourself online.
  • Seek help if gambling is making you feel bad and you've lost control. Get some advice. You can contact a counsellor in the canton where you live or contact us for anonymous advice in writing or by telephone.