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Someone you know might have a Gambling Addiction?

When somebody has a gambling problem, it can have a big impact on their social environment and particularly on their family. People with addictions often deny that they have a problem.

Addiction to gambling is inconspicuous. You can neither smell it nor see it. However, there are certain signs such as a lack of money, lack of time, or anxiety. Under Distinguishing Characteristics you will find several signs that might point to a gambling problem.

If you are worried, you should take the situation very seriously and talk to the person involved. Express your concerns and explain how you have observed changes in their behaviour. Urge the person to change their behaviour and tell them that they should get advice and counselling.

Never lend money to a gambler! If you do, you are only going to make the problem worse. If you have financial problems you should contact a budget advisory service. You should also tell the person affected to contact a budget advisory service.

Look after yourself and your children as well as you can. Protect your own money. Look for help when the stress becomes too much.

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