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A gambling ban can help you to control your gambling behaviour.

The following gambling bans are available for the online gambling ...

  • You can ban yourself on all the major gambling websites!
  • Directly on the website or by a Software in various languages to block access to online gambling:,, (App)
  • Software in English to block access to gambling online or via a mobile
  • Since 2019, websites without license in Switzerland have been automatically blocked by a network block.

Gambling ban for online gambling with Swisslos and the Loterie ...

You can ban yourself at any time:

  • via the Swisslos internet hotline: 0848 877 855.
  • Alternatively, log in to Swisslos, then go to My Profile and set up a ban for individual gambling games.
  • You can also set up a ban for online gambling with the Loterie Romande.

Voluntary gambling ban at a casino:

Gamblers can apply for a ban at all casinos in Switzerland. The ban is valid for at least a year and applies to all casinos in Switzerland.

For further information:,

Ban by the casino and lottery:

A casino and lottery can ban a gambler for the following reasons:

  • Signs of gambling addiction
  • Violence, drunkenness, etc.
  • Suspicion of money laundering

Friends and family can report vulnerable persons to the casino. The casino will then ascertain whether the person should be banned.
A ban on gambling is valid for one year and applies to all casinos in Switzerland.

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