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Self Test

What is your gambling behavior?

Do you only gamble to pass the time of day and together with friends? Do you only gamble with small amounts of money?

Or do you gamble with more money than you can afford? Do you gamble a lot online, regularly visit private clubs, or do you go on your own to casinos? If the answer to these questions is yes, then you may have a gambling problem.

Test yourself and find out!

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Have your bets increased?

Did you feel restless or irritable when trying to play less?

Have you repeatedly tried to limit or abandon your play and been unsuccessful?

Do you often think about past games or plan future gaming activities?

Did you play often when you were feeling bad?

Have you often tried to compensate for a loss by continuing to play?

Did you lie to hide your gambling?

Did you endanger or lose important professional or private relationships because of gambling?

Have you relied on others to solve your financial problems?

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You play for pleasure

You play for pleasure and your playing behavior is unproblematic and has not had any negative consequences so far. If you continue to play money games in the future, make sure that the game remains a leisure activity. Tips for responsible gambling can also be found here.

Your gambling behaviour is risky

Your gambling behaviour is risky and already has negative consequences. You should think about your gambling behavior: Is it the case that you play more and more often and sometimes gamble more money than planned? Do you think about gambling more often? Do you have the feeling that you will soon make up for your losses with winnings? This indicates that you should change something. The contents of "Check your gambling behavior" can help you. If you have questions or would like help with your change, dont hesitate to get help. This is a courageous step to get your situation back under control.

Strong negative consequences

Your gambling behavior leads to strong negative consequences. You no longer play for fun, because you have to make up for losses. You have lost control over gambling and are putting your finances and your social and professional relationships at risk. We strongly recommend that you seek support and advice. You can do this in a specialist office or anonymously by telephone or e-mail.

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