Illegal Gambling


Only casinos with a license are allowed to operate gambling services. Taking part in illegally organized gambling (online or real) is not a criminal offence. However, the stake, profits and gambling equipment can be confiscated.

It is forbidden to:

  • Provide gambling machines.
  • Provide gambling equipment or run a casino.
  • Operate online gambling or provide a direct link via a website to online gambling (online casino).

Machines for games requiring skill or dexterity are not prohibited. However, before they are installed the Federal Gaming Board (EBSK) must approve them.

Lottery Tickets and Betting

In Switzerland only lottery tickets sold by Swisslos or Loterie Romande are allowed. All other lottery tickets, betting, etc. where you gamble for money are prohibited. Betting is not prohibited on foreign websites.


Outside the casinos, all forms of poker where money or other forms of stake are used as a bet are prohibited. This rule also applies to commercial gambling in clubs and associations even when access to the venue is not open to the public. Poker games that are not commercial and played within the family or among friends are allowed.

Gambling Machines

Gambling machines that allow you to win money or chips in lieu of money may only be operated with a license. Gaming machines operating games of skill also need to be tested by the Federal Gaming Board (EBSK).

Gaming machines that are just for enjoyment and that do not pay out money are classified as entertainment devices. These include table football, pinball games, and driving, shooting and sport simulators.